Chapter 3 Technographic

This chapter is filled with many interesting facts about the research done about different users across the world, the social technographics. The amount of stats collected are shocking of how different they are from North America, China and Europe. The technographic world is divided into 7 but not limited to, inactive, spectators, joiners, collectors, critics, conversationalists, and creators. These categories overlap in several areas. For example, many users who are creators are also spectators (Li & Bernoff, 2011). This chapter is interesting because you always learn to divide your audience by age, sex, occupation, etcetera, but not so much by their online activity.

In the hospitality industry, there would be many technographics used on social media. The same type of categories would apply, but I think that there would be less, even no inactive users. I think that if you are in the industry, you are active in some way, even just as a spectator. For a company like Rogers Place, they would have many spectators, conversationalists, and joiners. Those would be the 3 main categories, overlapping of course, followed by critics, joiners, and creators. I say creators near the bottom of the list because the Rogers Place would be the ones creating most of the content being discussed, and not so much the public. To put Rogers Place in an example of how their social technographic profile would work, let’s use the Edmonton Oiler season opener game. After this year’s impressive playoff run, the city was buzzin and still is, with excitement for next season already. Rogers Entertainment would create a platform with the teams recap and highlights to get everyone excited. This would be viewed by many spectators and filled with comments by both critics and conversationalists. They could also create a platform for conservations that could be open for the public, and sport analysts. Conversationalists love platforms that allow them to discuss their excitement for the team, and ideas for the complex and transportation to enhance their experience more. Having a comment section for critics and commenters, gives Rogers a better insight to what works and what doesn’t. Their guests are their main priority, and it’s important to hear their voice. Technographics is a very important tool for Rogers Place to utilize. They will be able to provide more for the public and in turn benefit from their participation.






Li, C., & Bernoff, J. (2011). Groundswell: winning in a world transformed by social technologies. Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Harvard Business School Publishing .


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