Chapter 8: Helping the Groundswell Support Itself

When it comes to the Internet, we all know it’s a trap. One minute we are looking at our friends graduation photos, and the next we end up on her brother’s, fiancées cousin’s page. Awkward. Groundswell conversations are the worst to get trapped in. Ever looked up your symptoms, and found out you’re dying? -Yah, same. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the groundswell can super helpful and supportive. 3 examples that pop out from this chapter begin with the site called Carepages that gives friends and family the comfort and the space to those stuck in hospitals. How the groundswell reacts with the media, and the Yahoo! Answers page example.



With Carepages, it allows people who are stuck within the boring, claustrophobic walls of hospitals the space and relaxation they need to recover without constantly repeating their health status to their loved ones. The site gives access to those dearest to the family, and alerts them personally on their devices when an update has been posted. This site allows the private groundswell to support one another when times are hardest. Such a simple forum to post sympathy messages and updates about patients can mean so much to the groundswell. This type of support that rises from the groundswell can help people get through day by day.

Groundswell and the media

With the media, we see a different type of support from the groundswell. An example that comes to mind with this is when the ABC show Nashville, was cancelled and an uproar from its fans erupted social media platforms. The hashtag, #BringBackNashville, soon became a trending hit worldwide. A petition also began on to get the attention of several television providers to take on the show. It got so much attention from not just the fans, but from the stars of the show as well, that CMT decided to pick up the trending show. Below shows a tweet sent by two of the main stars, hoping for someone to save their show as well. The groundswell won the petition and got their show back, and the stars got their job back. Win-win.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 3.01.53 PMFigure 1 (from Lennon and Maisy, 2016)

Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers, has helped me out many times. I frequently have issues with my laptop, and I’ve typed in “how to fix ____”, several times, and more times than not the answer that helps me the most comes from someone on the Yahoo! Forum. It’s a simple forum that allows people who need help to get it from those that happen to know the solution, while saving customer service money, on what ever product company it is. By having a place to go to that doesn’t involve long telephone waits, and a language barrier, and then a solution that doesn’t end up working after you hang up, keeps the groundswell much more happy.

Event Planning

When it comes to an event planning company, the best type of support would be a community type forum where people can post their party details, their thoughts, and maybe even rate the overall experience. By having this type of forum, people can agree with other peoples opinion, or disagree, and when the groundswell reads everyone’s submissions, they would be able to have a general sense of the company they are considering to hire. I personally always look at the reviews of different companies I am about to hire, and I’d assume most of the population would do the same. There are many ways to communicate with the groundswell. When deciding on choosing a community based forum there are 5 points to keep in mind (Li & Bernoff, 2011).

  1. Start small, but plan for a larger presence
  2. Reach out to your most active customers
  3. Plan to drive traffic to your community
  4. Build in a reputation system
  5. Let your customers lead you

With these tools in mind, the groundswell can support and move your company to full potential.







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