Chapter 12: The Groundswell Inside your Company

Hello again my fellow readers and bloggers, I hope you all had an amazing long weekend!

This week’s blog focuses on how the groundswell works within your company. We are directed, yet again, back to the 5 objectives noted in Chapter 4 necessary for the groundswell to pursue in an organization; talking, listening, energizing, supporting and embracing.


From my own personal experience of working at Earls for the past 3 years, I have grown appreciation for their efforts to gather all their employees in one place MyEarls is accessible to all employees and is the main learning tool, and communication tool for the company. MyEarls has different components to it. There is a library full of all the marketing assets, different courses for bartenders, servers and managers to learn from, and a community forum called The Dish.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 8.38.06 PM

Figure 1 (MyEarls webpage, August 2017)

The Dish is my favourite aspect of Earls as it is used for many different purposes, all with the goal of creating a cohesive community within all the Earls locations across North America. Job postings, promotions and a weekly news update are posted onto The Dish, all with a comment section to comment and congratulate one another. In the textbook it states that what you need to nurture the groundswell power of your employees is to promote a listening culture from the top down, ease and encourage participation with incentives and find and empower the rebels in your organization (Li & Bernoff, 2011, pp. 244-245), and I would say Earls does just that. The President of Earls, Mo Jessa, is present on the site, as well as General Managers and Head Chefs posting promotions, job openings, and pre-shift focuses for the week. “It’s all about relationships, not technology” (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 244).


In a company, you are only as good as the people who work for you. “You want your employees to be personally invest and have a sense of accountability” (Li & Bernoff, 2011, p. 244). By giving your people a platform where they feel empowered to post new ideas, like ID-ah! by Bell Canada, it allows the company to hear what their people want, and will fix common problems at the same time. Earls has been through some controversial times, the most recent being their “Albert Beef” uproar. MyEarls was available to staff to post the crazy conflicts they were facing, for head office to post updates and changes they were making, how to deal with questions and angry guests and much more. The site was the main hub for head office to listen to concerns, talk about what they are going to do to change the problem while energizing the staff to stay positive and embrace the positive impact they would be apart of once the conflict would blow over. A fun fact for you all is that through out the chaos, no major partners left the company. As crazy and overwhelming things got, Earls employees stuck together and overcame the issue.


I hope by reading this blog, you are encouraged and excited to find new innovative yet simple ways to interact with your company groundswell. Your co-workers are just as important as your clients, so it is beyond important to take good care of them.








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